Time ticking away…

So own up, who stole February?! It’s always a fairly busy month for us as it always includes half-term as well as my birthday but, even so, it’s sped by this year!


I’ve been working hard on my 35 before 35 list but it does mean I’ve neglected my blog!  So here’s a very quick round up of what I’ve been up to (and I promise I’ll pop back soon to write longer posts about my list achievements!).  Of course, it had to be in list form…!

  • I spent a lovely half-term with my daughters, niece and nephew #spend more time with family
  • I’ve started to declutter my house using the Kon Marie method again (again only because being pregnant got in the way!) #declutter the house20170206_113026
  • I’ve recently purchased gorgeous handmade bibs, a skirt, a yummy mummy nappy bag and a clay star #buy more items from small businesses

    Lily looking forward to Easter already in a bib from Ditsy Mitsy x
  • I’ve joined a mother and baby group and Lily and I are regular visitors! #join a mother and baby group
  • I’ve started making crocheted flowers and wedding bouquets #try new things with my crochet business16836465_1254820007918761_1149296887420323721_o
  • I’ve become the treasurer of my local NCT group (which runs the mother and baby group I go to) #say ‘yes’ more!

Now that it’s written down it doesn’t look like I’ve done a lot but I promise I haven’t stopped!  There’s so much to tell you about but I’ll have to pop back again soon as I’ve got a school run to do soon, I hope you can pop back soon too! x


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