Three Things Thursday -Spring, Spring and Spring!

Three Things Thursday – “It’s not Thursday, it’s a cold, foggy Monday morning” I hear you cry!  Well, yes it is and that’s exactly why I’ve decided to sit down and write my Three Things Thursday post as I’m sure that we all need a little sunshine in our lives today!

If you’ve already read my 35 before 35 list you’ll know that one of the items was to appreciate the small things.  I’m not the only one to do this as I happened to stumble across ‘Three Things Thursday’ on Nerd in the Brain’s blog.  The title is fairly self-explanatory but basically the concept is to post 3 things (it can be more) that are making your life awesome.  They don’t have to be big ‘things’ or even actual ‘things’ which in my case ties in neatly with appreciating the small things.  Oh and the post doesn’t have to be written on a Thursday – phew! 😉

There were far more small things that I appreciated than can fit on this blog post (I don’t want to bore you!) so some that didn’t make it include;

  1.  Getting soaked on the school run (it’s a long story but this is the first term where I’ve actually done the ‘proper’ school run which means I get to spend far more time with my eldest daughter than ever before).
  2. Going to my first ever mummy and baby group.
  3. Being invited to take part in an online market night (I said ‘yes!’).

As it happens all 3 things ended up being related to Spring.  Winter still very much has its grip on the outside world but Spring can be found in the shops and it’s beginning to creep into my house too;

Spring Wreath


Another item ticked off my craft wip (work in progress) list.  I started this before Christmas and am so pleased that it’s currently brightening up my dresser before winging its way to its new home.

Spring Plate



I couldn’t leave this little bunny on the shelf in Asda, especially as he was only £4!  As well as being obsessed with lists I love a good bargain and knew that he’d look fab on my ‘Spring’ dresser.  I’ve still got bunting to make for my dresser and I’m aiming to make another Spring wreath but it’s starting to channel the Spring look! (Apologies for the poor photo – I blame the winter light!)

Spring in the shops!

Last but not least was the sight of the shelves beginning to be stacked with Easter items, more specifically Easter CRAFT items!  This was just some of the items I spotted in PoundWorld.16197050_10154716117996999_551208836_o  Every year for the past 3 years I’ve made my daughter’s Easter bonnet.  I’m not sure if she’ll need one this year as she’s now in the Juniors but if not I’ll manage to squeeze in Easter crafting with her anyway!  Clay decorations/tags and decoupaged Easter eggs were our creations last year, I haven’t yet decided on what we should do this year.  I’m off to explore Pinterest – I may be gone some time! 


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