Those darn ends…


Any crocheter/knitter reading this post will be able to understand my pain when I say “ends”.  Well I don’t normally just says “ends” it’s preceded by an adjective but for now let’s just say that it’s those “darn ends!”  I ALWAYS start off with good intentions.  I ALWAYS tell myself that I’m going to deal with the ends as I go along.  I ALWAYS end up leaving them until the end!  The problem with this approach is that it often delays the blanket being finished.  Take my daughter’s blankets for example – I made 3 before she was born however I only completed 1 before she was born.  She’s now 6 weeks old…eeek!

A sight to make me smile.

So I decided that today had to be the day…the day I tackled those “darn ends!”  One blanket was a white waffle blanket for her carseat and the other was a ‘scrap’ cot-sized blanket.  I’d surprisingly been good and actually dealt with some of the ends in the cot blanket as I went along, only some though as I gave up on my good intentions about 1/3 of the way through!  In the end, there weren’t that as many ends to deal with as I’d thought and I got into the rhythm of it so much so that I even tackled the ends on my elder daughter’s doll’s blanket…go me! 16106199_10154687393026999_1020746898_o

However, I still haven’t learnt my lesson; my latest ‘scrap’ blanket (the v-stitch top one below) the has more ends to sew in than I’d care to mention!  Wish me luck!15992293_10154687388356999_1518222435_o


14 thoughts on “Those darn ends…

  1. I understand the pain of dealing with ends! I had the best of intention when I started my crochet blanket of dealing with them as I went along but that didn’t last long. I finished making the blanket and then had an entire evening of searching for ends to tidy up because they were all over the place!

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  2. I’m weird, but I don’t really mind dealing with the ends as long as they aren’t all along one edge (like your v-stitch blanket will have)… I love that feeling of seeing them disappear and making progress. Sometimes I do deal with them as I go and I do try to crochet them in where possible, or do a join that doesn’t produce ends, but weaving in ends never holds me up when finishing a project… unlike sewing parts together, which I hate!


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