I’ve come to realise…

Since writing my 35 before 35 list I’ve come to realise that this list is not going to give me an immediate sense of achievement. It’s not a short term list but very much a long term list. I’m not going to bore you with breaking list items down into other lists (yes I am that sad…anything to be able to cross something/anything off of a list!) so instead, I thought you’d like to hear of some of my progress made towards #7.

#7 Declutter the house.

Every year I’m faced with a stack of Christmas cards and every year I vow to upcycle them instead of recycling them and every year I fail!  So this year I was determined to do something with this huge stack of cards but what?

The only thing I could come up with was turning them into tags (I have to admit I wasn’t keen on that idea!), that was until I stumbled across Idle Emma’s Puddle Side Musings blog

Reading through her blog I realised I’d found a fellow crafter on the same wavelength as myself. Browsing through her blog posts on making Christmas cards I had a light bulb moment…I could use my cards to create Christmas cards (ok so I know it’s not a radical idea!). I loved how Idle Emma had created such effective ‘patchwork’ cards from left – over card from another project.

So I grabbed my Stampin’ Up hexagonal punch and my stack of cards.abm_1484221938

Crafting is my way to relax but even I wasn’t expecting how therapeutic punching hexagons would be! I loved seeing the little images from my cards appearing on the hexies.


It wasn’t long before I’d punched my way through the cards and was left with a surprising number of hexies!


It seems that this blog is fast becoming a confessional as, as well as my obsession with lists, I have something else to confess…I’m a bit of a hoarder!  I’m definitely not in the same league as Mr Treebus (some of you will know who I mean!) but still…my craft stash is ever expanding rather than decreasing!  For example here’s my box of cards blanks…


Needless to say I raided my stash in order to make my cards!  I decided to group together similar hexagons and then attach them to a card blank using double-sided tape.

Top tip:  attach a group of hexagons in one go to the tape and then cut afterwards (it saves so much time!).  Initially I used 3 strips but it was a bit of overkill…2 worked perfectly!


It really didn’t take long to create the finished card and it was actually quite addictive…3 made so far and still plenty of hexies left!  (Oh and more of my craft stash was raided to find sentiments to attach to the cards).


I really can’t decide which one I like best but I  do know that I’ve found a great way to declutter Christmas cards!


9 thoughts on “I’ve come to realise…

  1. Such nice cards, I love how they came out! What a great way to revamp those Christmas cards!
    Love that hexagon punch as well, must keep an eye out for something like that over here – so much quicker punching things than die cutting them, and also, punching is therapeutic!


  2. I love this idea. You could also you it to keep a record of big birthdays. It’s given me the idea to do this for my daughter who has just turnt 8. I have a similar list although not as long as yours and only goals for this year, on my blog.

    Looking forward to more blog posts.



  3. Hi Lillibella,
    I met you in the Community Pool. Congratulations on starting your blog recently. I help new bloggers at my site. I am having a blog party tomorrow and hope you will come. You’ll have a chance to meet new readers.
    In response to what you wrote, I still haven’t cleaned my house from the holidays. I need to declutter too. I can totally relate.

    Liked by 1 person

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