I have a confession…

So it’s time to admit it…I have a bit of an obsession (which I’m sure many of you can relate to!)…I’m a writer of lists.

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I know that writing lists isn’t unusual, I’m sure there’s many a shopping list being written as I’m writing this and as you’re reading this.  However, I’m the sort of list writer who writes a list of the lists I have to write.  I’m the sort of list writer who adds an item to a to-do list which has actually already been completed just so that I can have the sense of achievement when crossing the item off.  I’m the sort of list writer who is lost without a list.

Beware – this type of obsession is catching!  I find my 7 year old daughter writing lists; in fact she loves writing a good list in one of her many notebooks.

Writing my own blog has been on my ‘long-term’ to-do list for, well, a long time! And although I’d be releuctant to label it as a New Year’s resolution I decided that the start of 2017 was as good as time as any to start one, so here I am!

I am a realist and, as with anything started at the beginning of the year, I know that it can be unlikely that it is still being continued by the end of the year.  To try to ensure that I don’t fall into that trap with this blog I’ve decided to…write a list!

I’ve entitled my list 35 before 35 which, basically is 35 things I’d like to achieve before I’m 35.  However, the slight problem is that I’m 35 in just less than a month!  I’m sticking with the title but I’d like to achieve the following 35 things in the year that I’m 35 as that seems far more achievable!  As I work on the list I’ll blog about the bullet points (in no particular order) and hopefully form a record of my 35th year!  So here goes…

35 before 35

  1. Start a blog!
  2. Try a new craft
  3. Complete an instagram challenge
  4. Spend more time with family
  5. Go to a craft group, regularly!
  6. Walk more!
  7. Declutter the house
  8. Be more organised (continue with the lists though!)
  9. Buy more items from small businesses
  10. Make more handmade gifts
  11. Actually print out photos (and do something with them!)
  12. Eat more healthily
  13. Complete my wip crochet list
  14. Catch up with friends
  15. Join a local mum and baby group
  16. Appreciate the small things
  17. Bake more
  18. Try my hand at needle-felting
  19. Network more
  20. Open an Etsy shop
  21. Read more
  22. Decorate the house (finally ticking jobs off of the list!)
  23. Discover my local area
  24. Don’t be a slave to the seasons
  25. Get creative with my pickle
  26. Plan for the future
  27. Complete my wip craft list
  28. Design my own papercut templates
  29. Try new things with my little crochet business
  30. Have more confidence – try something new!
  31. Raise money for charity
  32. Sort out my yarn stash!
  33. Say ‘yes’ more! (and say ‘no’ more!)
  34. Take up a challenge
  35. Write regular blog posts!

Right, I’m off to make a start (and resist making a list for this list!) x



16 thoughts on “I have a confession…

  1. I love so many of the items on your list & am right there with you when it comes to lists of lists and writing things down to be able to check them off. Looking forward to seeing you work though your items for the year!

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    1. Parts of the list were really easy to come up with, some required far more thought but I’m looking forward to ticking them all off! I’ve started on one today so look out for a blog post soon! I don’t have a bucket list…I’ll have to add that to my to – write list 😉 x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Your list is truly refreshing … saw a few I need to add to my own … tackling the photos is a good one . Will be saying yes to challenges more and happily crossing them of my list . Here’s wishing you the best for your list. Cheers!

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